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Tugs & Mooring Boats
Mooring and Project

All vessels transiting Canal must hire mooring boats from the Mooring and Light company all boats are to assist ship to moor in the Canal ports, in case of need or emergency.  Ship must be equipped with lifting means of 4 Mts. Capacity, with valid certificate and must be in a position well clear of the ship's propellers.Ships with SCGRT up to 2,500 ts should hire one mooring boat.If over 2.500 ts two mooring boats should be hiredFor the operation of mooring boats three crew (shore men) are boarding per boat.Ships that cannot lift the Canal mooring boats are allowed to use their own life boats provided approved by the pilot.Please note:
Ship's officers must supervise lifting/lowering of mooring boats ensuring that all safety measure been properly taken.  Ship remain ultimately responsible for any human accident or damage ca during operation for mooring boats and Canal projector.
Canal Projector:
All ships passing the canal must have onboard a canal projector placed on the axis of the bow illuminate 1800 meters.Vessels carrying petroleum products (or inflammable substances), LPG/LNG, should have the "gastight" projector.Also, ships with bulbous bow must have their own projector unless their bow is 10 ft below sea order not to endanger lowering and lifting operations to eliminate high rest of a accidents.Vessels that have their own projector should be of approved type and have a certificate of type issued by a pertinent recognized authority, being in a accordance with the canal rules.Ship may be supplied with a portable projector, in which case special installation required. The so called floating projector weights about 1,5 mts, and ship should provide capable mean lifting.Please note:
Ships should supply uninterrupted electricity for smooth and continuous operation of the projector For safety reasons the electric cables and connections leading to the projector position, must permanently fixed and installed.  A gastight junction box must be permanently installed close to projector.Irrespective if own or hired projector, two shore electricians will board to operate the projector transit.Accommodation should be provided for them .Ships should comply with above condition, otherwise subject to transit during day time only. If the defects are not restored until third consecutive transit a fine of USD 4.300 is imposed.

Special restrictions
Height: High bridge air draft 68 m
Length: No restrictions
Beam: Current maximum permissible beam 245 ft. ships with beam over 245 ft may be allowed transit the canal under special request.  If beam over 210 ft the beam wind should not exceed (See the draft/beam table for further information(Draft: Ships can transit Suez Canal South or Northbound with up to maximum draft 62ft with ft.  For signs of larger beam exist a comprehensive table of SCA, which provides the draft a  transit. (sea the Draft/Beam Table for further information
Ships passing Canal should not exceed draft of load line
Important: For undated information owners should always consult their agent on this subject.
Please note:
There are special regulations concerning floating units of SCGRT 300 ts more depending on carrying ship (container/heavy lift/vehicle carrier etc.)