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Suez Canal Transit Sservices
our main object is to arrange a smooth suez canal transit with minimum fees and expenses.keep our clients aware of update with suez canal circulars or rules of navigations.online calculation of suez canal dues through our web site. acurate D/A estimation prior tovessel's transit. arranging for vessel transiting by informing all concerning authorities. final statement of account to be dispathched to our clients immediatly

Cargo Handling Services
complete handling of transit cargoes including customs clearance, tranaahipment operations. carring out all formalities in respect of cargo (customs,sanitary ,veterinary etc..) orgnized and control of cargo handling at all of the egyptian ports. protecting the interests of customers in port. receiption the cargo, checking the quantities and quality, analysing and testing the cargo by the independent surveyors. knowlwedge of customs requlations, requirements and procedures in details. easy handling of most complicated shipments with utmost care. all other kind of services subject to special agreemen warehusing services.
canal shipping agencies co., own seven warehouing situated close to suez canal area and eastern portsaid port which makes these seven stores ideal for dealing with all stores of cargoes especially the transshipment and entitled to help make door to door services at a very low rates.

clearance services
canal shipping agencies co., reforms distinguished services concerning inward or outward cargoes for the benefit of importers or exporters. our long term of term of experience in this field insures speed and reliable services door to door clearance services are available at very completitive cost.

crew activities
canal shipping agencies co., under takes plent of formal measures and legal formalities with the local authorities in port so as to facilitate signing on-off crew. the services are carefully given to crew from vessel to home transport cres from vessel to customs house and then to cairo airport in our luxurious buses. accommodate crew in our splendid hotels booking air tickets as we are IATA member. give crew all sorts of medical care before during and after signing on-off according to owners instructions. services the arrivals crew through our cairo shipping agency. accomplish and to finalise everywhere gurantee security of crew's lives during their moves.

stevadoring services
canal shipping agencies co., arrange supervises stevadoring operation as sitpulated by customer requested instructions hrough the highly qualified staff. customs and stevadoring contractors could beinformed prior to vessel's arrival, our information technology E.D.I system gets our clients aware of outcomes and update of regulations

servey activities are eventually under taken though-out  our branch "ELMENIA SHIPPING AGENCY " situatedat portsaid and suez port, It acts as an under writer servey agent as wellthe well trained and qualified staff who are appoved and authorized are able to render most efficient  services at the proper time and place for both vesseland consignment.

our survey services include
- survey on the cargoes
- technical & engineering surveys
- settlement of insurance claims.  

marine services
supply of provisions , deck engine, saloon stores
ships spare, electronic items , fresh water and bunkers etc...
supply of life rafts(any brand) and fire extinguishers
we are always ready to submit our quotations at very competitive prices with highly qualities.

freight forwarding
skilled and well background staff engagedfor forwarding services of export - import cargoesa lot of egyptian and foreign shippers and consigneen trusted their goods to us for carriage & forwarding operations. we are providing logistics services based on the understanding of the custmers' needs and on specialized logistics expertise. our long term of experience in logistics business insured speed and relaible services: the door to door ,clearance services are availableat very competitive cost.