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We would like to introduce our self as one of the biggest shipping co., Handling such activities and facilities in shipping field depending on our well experiences through highly qualified staff and reasonable cost since 1965. Rendering by four great agencies as follows:

1.Asswan shipping agency.
2.Asuit shipping agency.
3.El menia shipping agency.
4.Damanhour shipping agency.

Its  considered to be the pioneer of shipping, companies in Egypt. it has been rendering many shipping services to the international commercial fleet since 1965. As part of our ISO 9001/9002 adopted management systems ,  we continuously monitor third part companies to ensure that we can provide you with individual services to provide the most efficient and cost competitive services. we have in place a team of dedicated  professionals who are well versed in handling all types of vessels . our commitment to serve our customers is based on a long-life experience and success cooperation with shipping companies all over the world. our staff is experienced forward-looking and intent to protecting your best interests in the ports  where we serve you. you can expect smooth Suez canal transit , prompt cargo handling, terminal condition reports from us while information technology continues to improve the shipping industry.
canal shipping agencies co., understands that a personalized service , an experienced team and a clear understanding of client's needs remain the foundation of the shipping business.

canal shipping company is affiliated to The holding Co. for maritime & land transport (The Ministry of Public Business Sector). Also is a member in Bimco Association, Its activities are executed to Suez Canal area, Gulf of Suez, Red,  Med Sea Ports And Gulf of Aqaba.  Its the leading Company, and one of Great importance in the Shipping and Commerce fields due to it’s  geographical area connecting East and West, North and South which has its huge influence  in the world
---  Capital now is L.E 200 Millions ( started with L.E 276000)

Sharing with about L.E  144 Millions as investments  in several banks and companies (Damietta and port said handling containers and cargo terminal / misr for maritime transport company / national shipping company / Alexandria commercial &maritime bank)

Render its services with highly experienced and electronic system through logistics chain and payment facilities with most global shipping lines

We remain at your disposal looking forward for our close cooperation and fruitful esteemed organization with highly confidence that our relations will continue to expand business and opportunities with successful for our  benefit we kindly request you not to hesitate to enquire about any further information and services.
No hesitation please keep us in close connection enabling us to facilitate your services request and demand, with fully satisfaction and high quality .